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Note: Calculations based on our standard 15% return on investment per 12 months

Investing with Prism Properties is simple...

Speak to us about a project with the amount of investment you have in mind. We’ll go through our current options that will suit your requirements

We provide a contract/agreement for you to read and sign. Got any questions? We’re here to put your mind at rest before pen is put to paper

After the initial agreed term is completed, you receive your investment plus interest gained. We will talk you through options with further investments if required

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Find your perfect property investment in East Anglia with guaranteed returns of 15%*
Project Springfields Wymondham Complete
Project Springfields Wymondham Complete
Project Springfields Wymondham Complete

Check out our latest completed development!

Project Springfield's - NR18

With Solar Panels and air source heat pumps – we’ve built these properties for the future.

About us

Property Investment in Norfolk & Suffolk

Rewarding investors with competitive returns

We’re a property investment company based in Thetford who aim to give you high interest returns on your savings when invested with us.

We use your money to invest into our properties/developments adding value to them. We then release your money from the development and return with interest. Standard interest rates vary from anything between 10-15% over a 12 month period.

The majority of our properties for investment are sourced around Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire.

Property investment is easy with Prism Properties! Sit back and relax as we manage projects from start to completion. 

Make your money go further with Prism Properties!

Don't accept a paltry return

Are you tired of being ripped off by banks? 

Raising interest rates should correlate to higher rates for savers. But banks are slow to pass this increase on, resulting in lost savings due to soaring inflation. Prism Properties can offer you a competitive return on your investment – within just 12 months 

Take our typical example – on a £100k savings pot, by leaving your money in the bank you will earn circa 1% (£1k). With Prism Properties your money can make FIFTEEN times that amount with 15% returns (£15,000) 

Property Development

Revolutionary developments

Our portfolio contains over 30 properties, the majority with development opportunities to invest in. We offer a range of Developments from:

Property Development Thetford
Property investment norfolk

"Investing with Prism Properties was easy. Received my money back with interest after twelve months which was over £10,000. No savings account would have brought me that return!

Low risk investment from only £10,000

Make your money work for you

We’re always looking for further investment and have investors who range from £100,000-£1M. Let us fund your project! We offer a range of investments from:

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