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Investments & Developments

You can invest as much capital as you desire – as the investment can be spread over multiple projects if you wish.


We recommend a minimum of £10,000 initial investment. The more money you invest, the more you will earn in interest payments.

When investing with Prism Properties, your money is secured as a loan agreement against us. In the current property market – this is a low risk investment as Prism Properties hold assets that will be worth more than your investment.

Usually, your agreement with us will be for 12 months. The interest % offered before agreement is what you will earn on top of your initial investment after the 12 months has finished. We regularly make our investors between four and five figure amounts per year!

We carry out property developments for commercial and domestic builds, from small refurbs to whole new builds. You’re offered a choice of properties that are available before agreeing which project to invest in.

Yes we do! Whether you don’t have the capital to invest yourself or if you’re one of our current investors that wants to refer a friend, you can earn up to £2000 per referral! 

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Note: Calculations based on our standard 15% return on investment per 12 months

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