Getting started with property investment

Getting started in property investment

We know that investing in property is one of the most appealing options to secure your financial future – property prices have after all consistently risen in every 10 year period in the UK. As a novice of property investment, knowing where to start can be challenging. So we’ve written a few handy tips to consider when investing with Prism Properties.


One of the most important factors of course, is your initial capital that you can invest into property. The larger your initial investment, the larger your returns will be if property prices continue to rise. Typically, Prism Properties support investors from five-figure to seven-figure investments, which return on average 15% every year.


Despite some inevitable risks, the world of property investment is an exciting one, and can deliver huge returns. By researching into which projects are available and which you want to invest in with Prism Properties, your initial investment could generate a higher ROI.

For example, a property in the UK that needs renovation in a well sought-after area will typically return a large ROI, as location is one of the key factors in determining house sale prices.

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Access to savings

If you’re a beginner at property investment, you should consider that access to the capital you’ve invested with Prism Properties is locked for 12 months at a time. After the 12 months, you’ll have a choice whether to take out your initial capital and investment return, or to roll this over into another property project.

Property Investment Rolling

Rolling over to another project is a smart way to grow your savings, as not only will your initial capital be invested but you can also invest the x% profit that your first property investment returned. For example,

You invested £100,000 on your first project with Prism Properties

Your investment returned 15% in the first year, totally £15,000 profit plus your initial capital = £115,000

Your £115,000 is then re-invested into another project for another 12 months

At the end of year two, with another 15% return, your total capital + profit will be £132,250. Which is £2,250 larger than if you just invested your initial £100,000 again.

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Fully managed property investments

The good thing about getting started with property investment with Prism Properties is that we make it easy for you! We fully manage the project from start to finish, with development updates over the course of the investment term. All you need to do is sit back and relax once you’ve invested!

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Project Badwell Ash – IP31

Location: Badwell Ash, Suffolk
Total Investment Required: £1.2 million
Return on Investment offered: 15%

This ambitious project in Suffolk involves the build of 8 plots from a variety of bungalows to houses

Project Great Moulton – NR15

Location: Great Moulton, Norfolk
Total Investment Required: £1.6 million
Return on Investment offered: 15%

Our project in Great Moulton will host six executive 4-bed houses with an additional two 3-bedroom bungalows!

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