Different types of property investments

Which property investment is right for me?

Despite the general increase across property prices over the previous 30 years, not every property is guaranteed to be a smart investment.

We don’t just invest in houses. With extensive local area knowledge and due diligence we’ve experienced a proven track record of investing into many different types of property investments with lucrative returns.

Check out the different types of property investments we’ve featured below

Commercial property investment

Commercial property investment involves investing into retail, office or industrial premises.

Large returns can be sought from commercial properties as they are usually held for leasing, providing a high-yield return every year as well as the asset.

An example of our own is where we’re based right now! This ambitious project in Thetford started with the purchase of the site for £125,000 and the demolition of the existing derelict building.

We replaced this with modern commercial offices with warehouse and car parking space which was professionally valued at circa £550,000.

Two of these offices are currently rented to commercial tenants which also provides a continuous income stream.

Houses in multiple occupation (HMO’s) investments

HMO’s are generally properties that are habited by three or more tenants who are classed as more than one household, for example three completely unrelated persons sharing the same property.

Prism Properties consider HMO property investment when purchasing a large residential property which location is typically suited for HMO tenants, such as near a university or hospital.

The void when a tenant leaves is not felt as harshly as you will still have several others paying their rent while you find a replacement for the vacant room.

Prism Properties will also consider a HMO investment if the property has scope for extension, such as this project in Thetford which will be changing from a three-bedroom house to a six-bedroom HMO with the addition of a two-storey extension.

With the increased rental income from this property this maximises the ROI for our investors in this project.

Apartment or flat investments

Apartments and flats are a popular property investment as they are typically cheaper to purchase than your average house but with the benefit of higher rental yields.

Location is important when considering an apartment or flat investment and being close to local amenities is a huge advantage.

Take this project in Thetford which has high investment potential. Being located near the town centre with groceries, shops, banks and easy transport links, these apartments are an attractive rental proposition.

Prism Properties also have experience in converting houses to apartments, which can increase investment potential. This example in Watton, which begun as a house and outbuilding which was converted into four 1-bedroom apartments and a two bed house, generating over nearly £4,000 pcm between them.

House to apartments conversion

Why invest with Prism Properties?

Investing with Prism Properties is easy, provides low risk returns and projects are fully managed by our experienced team.

It all starts with a phone call where we can assess your investment budget and match you with a project, either in our portfolio or a completely new project which has been thoroughly analysed for the best investment returns.

Investing in local properties has been providing our investors with inflation beating returns of up to 15% per project! Why not get in contact with us now or read our getting started in property investment blog here.

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Project Badwell Ash – IP31

Location: Badwell Ash, Suffolk
Total Investment Required: £1.2 million
Return on Investment offered: 15%

This ambitious project in Suffolk involves the build of 8 plots from a variety of bungalows to houses

Project Great Moulton – NR15

Location: Great Moulton, Norfolk
Total Investment Required: £1.6 million
Return on Investment offered: 15%

Our project in Great Moulton will host six executive 4-bed houses with an additional two 3-bedroom bungalows!

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